Federica Protti - Italian. I’m a Researcher in Interaction Design and I’ve been working as User Experience Designer since 2008 (when nobody knew exactly what it meant). Thanks to my background in communication and computer science I think I have a complete understanding of what Human Machine Interaction means, both from the Human and the Machine prospective.
From the research side I basically observe people dealing with information using biometric sensors such as eye-trackers, EEG helmets…
From the design side I use what I have learned from users behavior study and observation to design beautiful and easy to use interfaces.
My ideal role is acting as the liaison between the development team and the graphic design team.
I’m always curious to learn new tools and methodologies to improve the design process. I am intrigued by technology and everything is new.
I’m good with people, I listen to them and they listen to me. Working with a new team is always an exciting experience.

A list of stuff I do well:
• User research
• User experience design
• Prototyping
• Design evaluation


Human-Computer Interaction Interaction Design User Experience Children Technology Information Visualization Semantic Web Information Architecture Automotive Education


Presentation Skills Prezi Visual Design Photoshop Illustrator Typographic and Color Theory Lean UX Principles Wire Framing User Flows Prototyping OmniGraffle Axure Balsamiq Persona Creation Cognitive Walkthrough Heuristic Evaluation